Fostering Innovative Collaborative Research

Through Explorations of Culture and Creativity

OpenLab is a Research Center at the University of California Santa Cruz founded by Professors Jennifer Parker and Enrico Rameriz-Ruiz. The Center targets complex education issues of national significance regarding the ability of art and science researchers to collaborate on research endeavors. The goal of the OpenLab is to help change the current status by providing shared research facilities and create a network for collaborative discourse fueled by academic communities, arts and science communities, and industry.

OpenLab has been pursuing the physical development of new collaborative laboratories as spaces to foster this research and establish networking system for faculty and students to create projects. Laboratories and studios in both the arts and the sciences are accessible to users in the OpenLab Network. Within this immersive environment, we conduct research to acquire skills and knowledge that crosses disciplinary boundaries between science, education, and the arts while sharing expertise in collaborative research methodologies.

The following research questions will be investigated:

(1) How can we strengthen or create new methodologies that truly engage art and science thinking?

(2) Is an interdisciplinary laboratory space for cross-disciplinary and collaborative research more engaging and productive for students and faculty without these resources?