Oct 122012
Calling all artists, designers, techies and ocean experts – join us!

Join us Saturday, October 27, for the Blue Trail Design Jam Competition – an open-call invitation to artists, designers, tech experts, marine experts and others who care about ocean sustainability for a high energy day of concept generation and prototyping for Blue Trail.

Up to five concepts from the competition will be selected for possible commission.

The Design Jam will take place at the waterfront offices ofAdaptive Path in San Francisco.

Register here.



A Spectacular Opportunity for PR and Logo Visibility

With 5 million spectators expected along the San Francisco waterfront next fall, Blue Trail offers sponsors a wonderful opportuity for PR and logo visibility.

To see how your company can get involved, contact Lisa Zimmerman, Executive Producer, at 415.302.8195 or Lisa@7story.net.




Ocean Experts to Speak at Design Jam

Blue Trail welcomes three outstanding ocean experts as presenters and advisors at the Design Jam.

Dr. Terrie Williams: Marine Biologist at UC Santa Cruz’sInstitute of Marine Sciences and Co-founder UCSC Center for Ocean Health

Barbara Benish: Advisor to the United Nations Safe Planet Campaign, Director of Art Mill and an environmental artist

Sarah-Mae Nelson: Ocean Literacy and Conservation Specialist at Monterey Bay Aquarium


Introducing Blue Trail’s Advisory Board

Our growing Advisory Board features experts from diverse disciplines.

•Jessica Appelgren, Saatchi & SaatchiS
•Barbara Benish, U.N. Safe Planet Campaign
•Brianna Cutts, Sibbett Group/ Exhibit Design Advisor
•Shawn Lani, Exploratorium*
•Bart Shepherd, California Academy of Sciences
•Scott Snibbe, Snibbe Interactive Artist

*organization for identification purposes only


What is Blue Trail?

A non-profit initiative, Blue Trail is a trail of ten interactive art-design-science-tech installations to be located along the San Francisco waterfront during the final races of the America’s Cup (September 2013), each designed to awaken people to the mystery, beauty and fragility of the world’s oceans. Five million visitors and a global audience will be focused on the San Francisco waterfront during this time.

Blue Trail is produced by 7Story in collaboration with UC Santa Cruz’ OpenLab, an art-science center for interdisciplinary problem-solving, and independent curator Laura Cassidy. Blue Trail is a member of the Intersection for the Arts Incubator Program.



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