UCSC Professor Parker and OpenLab are committed to Blue Trail’s walking trail of interactive art-design-tech-science installations

Installations will take place along the San Francisco waterfront in September 2013, engaging the public in the beauty, mystery and fragility of the world’s oceans and inspiring them to take action.

Ten creative teams are in the process of competing for commissions, selected from 30 submissions. Here are their “concept” proposals,selected for the imaginative ways they integrate the sensory and emotional power of art and design with the precision of science.

Five of the concepts are the result of an invitational process, and five are from our open-call Design Jam Competition. Finalists are currently developing detailed proposals corresponding to sites along the San Francisco waterfront identified by the Port of San Francisco and private owners.

Join our campaign to bring these spectacular ideas to life! Sponsors of $25,000 or more may own one of the artworks and display it or donate it to a non-profit site.


Blue Trail’s Design Jam

The day-long Design Jam event this past fall was an enormous success. Over 60 people from the art, design, tech and ocean worlds came together for an inspiring day of collaboration and competition. The day revolved around Blue Trail’s key principles: innovation, interactivity, connectivity, sustainability and interdisciplinary collaboration. See photos below.

A Regional Blue Trail

While Blue Trail will focus its ocean engagement efforts on the San Francisco waterfront, many other ocean awareness projects do (or will) exist around the Bay Area and along the coast to Monterey Bay. Blue Trail is creating a digital platform linking “all things ocean” that are happening next September, thus creating an education and engagement “trail” that extends far beyond San Francisco’s Embarcadero. If you are interested in participating in this Blue Trail app, contact Lisa Zimmerman at lisa@7story.net.