Nov 232015


header-logoThe cymatic water tank visualizer takes any sound or data in the form of sound files, and plays them through deep bass “Buttkicker” speakers to vibrate a tank full of water. OpenLab Cymatic Wave Tank Visualizer 1Different frequencies excite different modes of vibration of the tank and cause different kinds of patterns in the water.

Higher frequencies make a delicate, wispy, spider-web-like pattern on the surface of the water, while lower frequencies make the water jump as the sound
creates standing waves.

This instructable shows the steps we went through to build the tank, the frame, and the electronics to run the visualizer. This project is part of the work of the University of California, Santa Cruz OpenLab, DANM, designed and constructed by Sean PaceZach Corse, and David Harris.

OpenLab Cymatic Wave Tank Visualizer 2



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