UCSC Norris Center Art/Sci Residency Program

The Norris Center for Natural History is soliciting proposals from scientific researchers (faculty, post-docs or graduate students) to work with a student artist who will create art inspired by the scientific research. The goal of the program is to fund and support creative communication opportunities for science research and student artist professional development.

The project can be to either complete a needed artwork for a specific research project or to collaboratively generate something new. Examples of projects could be an illustration of your research system or organisms to use in a publication or presentation; animations about complicated processes; communicating outcomes of your research to a wider audience; or collaborating to develop an open ended project with a student to create art inspired by your research in discussion with you. The collaborative approach often has fascinating and unexpected outcomes that lend themselves to further scientific inquiry  (such as growing artistic fungal cultures, building sculptures from research materials, designing sustainable approaches to environmental problems, creative GIS data mapping, printmaking for public outreach). To get examples of other art/science collaborative work, check out artscy.sites.ucsc.edu and OpenLab Projects & Workshops or you can discuss and brainstorm ideas with Norris Center Graduate Fellow Juniper Harrower. Student artists will have access to specimens and materials in the Norris Center for Natural History, as well as art studio space and access to the resources at OpenLab.

If selected, the Norris Center will fund the resident artist’s stipend ($1,500 max, which is approximately 75 hours of artist project time to be completed over the fall and spring quarters), and the materials needed to create the work. We require that you be actively engaged in this project. This means that you will need to meet with the artist at least three times, and that you provide ongoing feedback about the work as it is created. Student artists should gain an entry level understanding about the research and be able to explain it to others at a popular science communication level. Upon project completion we require a short summary of the project (2-3 paragraphs) and images to feature on our website.

To apply, please send an email to Juniper Harrower (jharrower@ucsc.edu) discussing in under 500 words the kind of project that you have in mind and an approximation of how many hours you think it will take. If your project is selected, you will have the opportunity to pick the artist you would like to work with from a pre-screened group of art resident applicants, or you can suggest a student artist. We are accepting applications now through January 19 and anticipate selecting three to four projects..