Month: July 2014

Art + Astrophysics Lab at UCSC


Nathan Ober is a DANM graduate student developing creative research projects for the Art + Astrophysics Lab in the Digital Arts Research Center this summer at UCSC. 

The lab will work closely with OpenLab founding Professors Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz and Jennifer Parker with support from the UCSC NSF REU- Lamat Summer Research Program, OpenLab, and the SLUG: Supercomputer lab for Undergraduates. Nathaniel Ober is a new media artist whose work crosses disciplines from installation and performance to video and sound. His interdisciplinary works examine concepts of human perception and natural phenomena, sound as vibration, time and space, and the finite versus the infinite. Working with multiple facets of technology, he creates immersive installations that intend to pervade the viewers senses. His


current research is focused on astronomy and astrophysics, which deal with techniques of sonification and processes that attempt to expose our innate connection to the universe.

OpenLab and UCSC at California Academy of Sciences NightLife LIVE: Water

MEDIATE opens the floodgates to San Francisco’s innovative three-month art and music festival, Soundwave ((6)) Water, its newest festival season, with a a tsunami of live music, innovative art and cutting-edge science that explore our most important natural resource: Water.

As part of the NightLife LIVE monthly music and art series, local indie faves Rogue Wave storms the party with special guest Kacey Johansing on the outdoor East Garden stage. Surf amongst the fish in the deep, dark coral reef with ‘DataSurf,’ an installation by UCSC DANM Grads and OpenLab affiliated artists Drew Detweiler and Lyes Bellocine, that allows you to interact with a surfboard and your mirrored self in a barrel of swirling visuals projections. Experience ‘Submerged Turntables,’ artist and UCSC Alumni Evan Holm’s sculpture installation performing with sounds from live underwater records in the center Piazza. Interact with ’Oceanic Scales’ (


OpenLab artist Gene Felice II’s hands-on art & science installation, inspired by phytoplankton, the first link in the oceanic food chain.

Create art prints with artist Travis John’s ‘Hydroprinting,’ a sonographic instrument that measures water currents. Voice your thoughts at ’Speaking Tributaries,’ a memory collection booth of the sea; and, play with water-instruments with instrument builder and artist Edward Schocker. The East Garden also features ‘IDILIO,’ by Gabriel Fontanillo and Leyre Montes, which explores the connections between a sea horse and an anemone, curated by Betty Bigas and projections by All of It Now.