Openlab is proud to work with a large diverse community of students, faculty and staff at UCSC. People from across campus have contributed to OpenLab projects and workshops. We welcome and enjoy participation from all areas and are pleased to serve and contribute to campus programs. We are especially honored to work with the Digital Arts and New Media MFA program; the IDEA Hub for Social and Creative Entrepreneurship; the Norris Center; the Science & Justice Research Center; and the Departments of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Environmental Studies, Ocean Science, and Art. Additional program support and development has also been made possible from CoactionLab; Epsilon, NSF, NASA, NEA and UC Institute of Research in the Arts.

As we broaden opportunities for collaborative research and grow expanded fields of creative research with diverse maker ecologies, we look forward to expanding our resources to engage more of the general public and non-profit and industry partners.