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Casting Lab

The casting lab, located behind the Theater Arts Center, near the Shakespeare Santa Cruz glen, is both a foundry and mold-making space. This shop supports sand and investment casting, plaster, wax, rubber, and silicone casting, as well as metal and plastic filing, sanding, and polishing.


The Super Computer Lab for Undergraduates (SLUG)

The Super Computer Lab for Undergraduates (SLUG), located in Thimann rm 339, is an ideal workspace for high-performance computing.


Metal Fabrication Shop

Metal Fabrication ShopLocated at the Baskin Art Department, the metal fabrication shop provides a multitude of machines and several welding stations. This shop facilitates a variety of welding processes including, TIG welding, MIG welding, Oxyacetylene welding, and brazing.


Digital Imaging

Digital ImagingLocated on the first floor of the new Digital Arts Research Center (DARC), the digital imaging room is a gigantic, clean space for printing professional, digital images. equipped with twelve 27” imac computers with scanners, large format Epson Stylus Pro printers, and slide scanners. Each computer has Adobe CS5: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash, Bridge.


Photo Studio

Photo StudioLocated at the Baskin Art Department, the photo studio is equipped with dozens of tripods, a variety of backdrops, softboxes, several pro heavy duty light stands, strobe lights, silver/ white umbrellas, and monolights with flashtubes. This is space is perfect for documenting projects and photographing objects and/or people for web or print. Please click on the link to learn more about the equipment.


Print Studio

Print StudioLocated at the Baskin Art Department, in two large studios, the print lab accommodates lithography, intaglio, silkscreen, book making and digital printmaking.

Website: http://art.ucsc.edu/facilities/print-studio



WoodshopLocated at the Baskin Art Department, the wood shop supports all processes involving wood and acrylic. This shop is used for fine woodworking, large scale projects, small scale models and prototypes. This work area is equipped with large machines, hand tools, and ample workspace. Please click the link for detailed information on materials, hand tools, and equipment available in the wood shop.


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