OpenLab : BioSensing Garden



BioSensing Garden is a sculptural garden and water-droplet fountain that visualizes data from a Fitbit, (an exercise tracking device). The fountain is made from a re-purposed printer that drips water onto a pane of tilted glass.









The droplets are timed and placed precisely so that they create visualize the data from the fitbit as they fall. Imagery will be projected onto the droplet patterns as they fall onto a garden below. The data droplets are the sole source of water for the plants and so their health is a direct reflection of the amount of exercise from the participant.

OpenLab_UCSC_BiosensingGarden_TeamJoel Horne, Sean McGowen, Ian Ayyad, and Richard Vallejos worked with Art Professor Jennifer Parker and Engineer Professor Mircea Teodorescu to develop The BioSenseing Garden project as part of the OpenLab 2014 DANM Mechatronic Research Cohor at UCSC.  

The project has been on display at the Makers Faire in San Mateo, ZERO1 in San Jose, and at The LAB in San Francisco. For more about the BioSensing project please click here.



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