Summer Institute


OpenLab is hosting FOUR collaborative research groups  to Create, Discover and Invent new projects of ART and SCIENCE exploration!

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Extrasolar Planets _____________________

Jonathan Fortney, Astrophysics Faculty

Eric Lopez, Astrophysics Graduate Student

Caroline Morley, Astrophysics Graduate Student

Kyle Mckinley, DANM Research Associate

John Peters, Games and Playable Media

Tidal Disruption of Stars_________________

Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, Astrophysics Faculty

James Guillochon, Astrophysics Graduate Student

Jolie Ruelle, DANM Graduate Student/Summer Art Lecturer

Drew Detweiler, DANM Research Associate

Nina Mccurdy, Astrophysics Research Associate

General Astronomy Concepts________________

Raja Guhathakurta, Astrophysics Faculty

Claire Dorman, Astrophysics Graduate Student

Nathan Kandus, Art & Physics Lab

Lyes Belhocine, DANM Research Associate

Anahi Caldu Primo, Astrophysics Research Associate

Planetary Collisions and Materials______________

Erik Asphaug, Astrophysics Faculty

Jennifer Parker, DANM/Art Faculty

Naor Movshovitz, Astrophysics Graduate Student

Sudu Terwari, DANM/Music Graduate student

Kayla Vuong, TASC Undergraduate CS/Engineering

OpenLab Summer Objectives

– Explore the concept of learning by doing through material and visual explorations of data.

– Participate in visualization workshops for 3D Data Rendering /Animation and learning Creative Coding

– Explain concepts through visual and tangible tools, where people can actually touch, explore, watch and play with information.

– Build compelling experiences synthesizing scientific research with art and technology.

– Cultivate community participation and develop educational outreach opportunities.

– Support new areas of research and discovery by opening our minds, labs and studios to one another at UCSC.

– Create works for an  OpenLab Art + Education Exhibition that will open in the Fall (9/12-10/17) in the DARC LightLab.


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